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Introducing our new Summer Camps for 2020

 Splish Splash  Rhythm Games

Ages 2-4

Enjoy the magic of music and summer together! 45 minutes of fun in the sun!

Students will explore different beat patterns while splashing and singing. Parent or guardians attend and may or may not get wet too:) Please come dressed for water, including a towel and sunscreen. Once a week for 5 weeks of summer. See calendar and schedule for details. $50 

    I Got Rhythm

Ages 4-6

Join us in a class where we don't just make our own rhythms, we create our own instruments. All crafting supplies included but bring your own imagination. Once a week for 5 weeks of summer. See calendar and schedule for details. $65

Bucket Band Drum Circle

Ages 6-9

Join our gang of foot-stomping ruffians as we bang our buckets in drum circles. 45 minutes of loud and exciting rhythm patterns will leave an impression on your budding virtuousos. Class meets once a week for 5 weeks. $65 

Strike up The Band

Beginning Strings

5th and 6th grade students will love these head start classes on how to play in a band or orchestra. Students who have not yet chosen an instrument will need to attend our New Band/Orchestra orientation. Band and Orchestra meet everyday for 5 weeks of summer, however different instrument groups will have additional instruction on different days. Please see schedule for details. $150 


Students are responsible for providing for their own instruments, including percussionists. Instruction provided for violin, viola, cello, and bass in Orchestra. Band instruments include trumpet, trombone, euphonium, clarinet, flute, saxophone and percussion.

Garage Band

for Techie Teens

Do you have musical ideas that you'd love to see put into a soundtrack or compiled together onto a demo file? This class meets once a week for 5 weeks of summer to explore the software of Garage Band.

Meet other teens with a passion for creating music and work on projects alone or together. $50

Fiddle Faddle

Beginning Fiddle Class for Violin and Viola  Ages 10-90

Some experience is required for participation in this Fiddling Group. Placement in this class will be by audition only. Class meets once a week for 5 weeks and will culminate in an outdoor party performance. $50

So You Want to be a Guitar Hero 

Beginning Guitar classes for every age. Learn the rudiments of posture, strumming, reading tab and deciphering music notation. Classes offered in the evening for adults and mornings for children and teens. Please see schedule for details. $50

Beginning Piano Lessons

Our studio embraces a unique approach to piano lessons. Students begin playing from the very first lesson yet get instruction in music theory, history and ear training through use of computer software, games, group competitions and sight singing as well as technique. We have a lot of fun, make a lot of noise and enjoy exploring songs from all genres of music!

Classes Designed for groups of all ages. Adult learners have options for evening classes. Class meets for 60 minutes once a week for 5 weeks of summer. $50


Semi- private (2-3 students)  and private lessons are available by audition only. Tuition for semi-private lessons is $80 for the summer; private lessons are 45 minutes long at $150 for the summer.  







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